Children's Audio Book Story

Koala Sings Her Favourite Song is a story for young children in Kindergarten and Pre School and Grade One. The Australian bush creatures and birds come alive with the added sound effects throughout the story.

Some of the creatures and birds include: Bouncer the bush kangaroo, Kookaburra, Maggie magpie, Polly possum, Cranky crocodile, and more... 

Can you guess what song Koala is singing? To find out get your copy now. Your child would love listening to the different bush creature sounds throughout the story. Find out how you can get a copy for your child today!

Children's Audio Book Story

Migaloo Goes Missing is a story about a naughty little whale who sneaks away from Mother Whale and his sea creature friends at Fish School and goes on a journey to explore the Great Barrier Reef all by himself.

Find out what happens to Migaloo on the day that he wags Fish School to go roaming around the ocean all by himself.  During his big adventure he learns a very big lesson. It can be a bit scary swimming in the big ocean all by yourself without your whale family or friends.